The Republic of Serbia now has two airports with commercial flights. Unfortunately, none in Novi Sad, but it is all well organized so that your transfer from the airport to Novi Sad and vice versa will not present an obstacle.

Luckily there are several airports near Novi Sad that offer commercial flights.

Nikola Tesla Airport

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Nikola Tesla Airport is the largest airport in Serbia with commercial flights. It is also the closest to Novi Sad. The airport is home to many low cost companies, such as Wizz Air, but there are, of course also major companies such as Air Serbia, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Tarom and many others.

The airport is located in Surcin near Belgrade, at 75 kilometers from Novi Sad. Organized transport to and from the airport is abundant, but you must contact the transport company ahead of time and schedule your trip.

Here are some of the companies that provide transfer services:


Constantine the Great Airport

aerodrom nis

Constantine the Great Airport is the 2nd largest airport in Serbia and is located in the city of Nis, which is located 270km from Novi Sad.

This airport has to to offer a number of commercial flights and most European companies do their business here. Low cost companies like Wizz air and Ryan air offer cheap flights from as low as $5 per flight.

Cenej sport airport

aerodrom cenej

Thea nearest airport to Novi Sad is the Cenej airport. It is only 14km from Novi sad next to regional motorway to Subotica.

Sadly this airport doesn’t offer commercial flights, but it has offer a possibility to hire one of the many light-weight aircrafts that can take you for a spin and panoramic tour of Novi Sad.

aero miting na ceneju

Each year on this airport, there is a sport show performed and it hosts around 40 aircrafts and the whole performance lasts around 6 hours, so make sure to visit this airport if you are a fan of this sport.

For more info visit airports facebook page.

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