sport u novom sadu

Sports – strengthen our mind and body, encouraging the best in us while building our character.
The people of Novi Sad have always been known as people who do not rush anywhere and have all the time in the world; people who like long walks, at steady paces.

However, as Novi Sad expanded and evolved, “slowness” of Novi Sad sped up quite a bit, and with it came the increasing demand for sports facilities, as some form of recreation and socialization through sport.

In Novi Sad, over the years many free trainings in the open fields have been organized that are always filled with children and sports fans. The river bank Kej is full of cyclists, joggers, and walkers.

Whether alone or in a group, enjoying the outdoors is beautifully complimented by the stunning view of the river Danube and the Petrovaradin fortress.

Novi Sad has many choices when it comes to sports and recreation, so we have to highlighted a few interesting sports activities.

Parachute Jump

skok padobranom novi sad

Parachute jumping – If you like adrenaline, extreme sports, height and you are of legal age, parachute jump is the right choice for you.

Aero club Novi Sad offers beginners parachute training that lasts a few days, that is sure to make an unforgettable experience.

In 1923 the tiny airport in Čenej became a branch of the Royal Aero Club and at that time was the center of the Yugoslav military and civil aviation, as well as aircraft factory.

In Novi Sad aero club “Skydive” offers the possibility of tandem jump. This means that the novice jumps tethered to an instructor while using the same chute. This type of parachute jump does not require any serious preparation.

Currently, these jumps are performed from the airport “Kikinda” and the transportation there is included in the price. The price jump from the carriage is 150 euros.

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Danube river rafting

rafting na dunavu

Danube descent – Includes a two-day trip where you will learn the art of canoeing and kayaking on the river Danube. It is organized the first weekend of every month.

Also, the Danube river rafting offers many options for full-day kayaking, as well as tours and navigation on the Danube.

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Room Escape

room escape novi sad

Room Escape- different rooms, different mysteries that you must solve in order to exit the room.

It is almost like a computer game, in which you and your team are the protagonists of a film, play or perhaps tasked to solve the mystery that can save the world. If you like high level of adrenaline, mystery, adventure and tense situations whose outcome depends only on you and your team, room escape is the right choice for you.

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