Manastir Staro Hopovo
Monastery Staro Hopovo is located near Krusedol, on the eastern slope of Fruska Gora. It is only 2km from the monastery Novo Hopovo. It is not very easily accessible. “The old monastery,” as it is often called lies on a small plateau, isolated, and the path to it leads through the woods.


Djordje Maksim Brankovic built Staro Hopovo Monastery, between 1496 and 1520. The original church, which was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, was badly damaged in an earthquake in 1751. Since it was built of wood and covered with tiles is not surprising that there was nothing left of it.

On its foundation a new church was built, dedicated to St. Panteleimon. This church experienced a fate similar to the previous one, when it was burned down in World War II. From then until 2008, the monastery had no fraternity.

In 2008 it began recovering and now has two monks living in it. Today, worships, baptisms and weddings are regularly performed here. During the restoration of the monastery a bell tower was added.

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The church of St. Panteleimon had a very valuable Baroque iconostasis. In the Second World War the iconostasis was badly damaged. The major parts of the icons were dismantled and transferred to one of the Irig churches. Since 1955, all icons (besides the ones at the altar) were taken to Regional Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and are now preserved there.


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