Many can envy Fruska Gora on the abundance of its natural resources and monasteries that are located along the entire mountain.

The word monastery comes from the Greek word μοναστήριον, which in translation in our language means monastery.

Manastiri na Fruškoj goriThe monks live out their lives in fasting and prayer, obedience, poverty and love of God.

Monastic virtues are:

night prayer

Prayer is the essence of monastic life. The monk or nun who is responsible for the lives of people who live in the monastery; who takes care of the responsibilities and tasks performed by monks; and takes care of the maintenance of the monastery is called the Abbot or Abbess.

In each monk community the abbot or abbess determine daily obligations for each person living in the monastery.

The Bishop, who is the Holy Assembly, set for the territory on which the monastery resides, decides who will from each monastery represent the community, taking on the role of Abbot or Abbess.

Monastery Beočin

Manastir BeocinFruska Gora, near Novi Sad, has a number of medieval monasteries. One of them is the monastery Beočin.

This monastery is home to a widely known icon of the Virgin of Beočin, which is believed to be more than five hundred years old.

According to tradition, this icon is miraculous and helps women who cannot give birth.

Monastery Grgeteg

Manastir Grgeteg

Grgeteg Monastery is located on the southern slope of Fruska gora, 7 km from the town of Irig, 16 km from Sremski Karlovci and 30 km from Novi Sad.

This nunnery is one of the oldest, most beautiful and most visited monasteries on Fruska Gora.

Staro Hopovo Monastery

Manastir Staro Hopovo

Staro Hopovo Monastery is located near Krusedol, on the eastern slope of Fruska Gora. It is only 2km from the monastery Novo Hopovo.

It is not very easily accessible. “The old monastery,” as it is often called lies on a small plateau, isolated, and the path to it leads through the woods.

Novo Hopovo Monastery

Novo Hopovo manastirMonastery Novo Hopovo was established as an endowment of despot Maximus (Durda) Brankovic in the early sixteenth century on the remains of a former monastery.

The monastery is situated on a gentle slope of the southern part of Fruska Gora, near Irig, 3 km from the resort Iriški Venac.
It is a few hundred meters from the main road Ruma-Novi Sad.
Because of its location is one of the most accessible monasteries at Fruska Gora.

Monastery Velika Remeta

Manastir velika remeta
The monastery Velika Remeta is situated in a valley in the eastern part of Fruska gora, near the eponymous village of Velika Remeta.
This monastery and its church are dedicated to Saint Demetrius.

Within the monastery there are two chapels: Saint John the Baptist from the eighteenth century and the Assumption of the Virgin built in 1970.

It has the highest and the oldest bell tower in Srem – 38.6 meters.

Krsedol Monastery

Krusedol manastir na Fruškoj gori
On the southern slopes of Fruska gora, between Irig and Maradik, sits Monastery Krušedol, nestled in gentle nature, surrounded by old chestnut trees.

Krušedol Monastery, one of the most significant Serbian monasteries, was founded by George Maksim Branković and his mother Angelina Brankovic, the last rulers of this lineage.