Centar Novog Sada
Wikimedia: Aleksandar Cocek

Novi Sad boasts with not only historical riches and cultural heritage, but also a very contemporary way of life. Like a time machine, Novi Sad will allow you to one moment experience the eighteenth century and then take you to a whole new dimension the very next moment.

A truly one of a kind city with a beautiful promenade along the Danube River, must see museums and parks, the grandiose Petrovaradin fortress and Fruska Gora, which attracts with its natural recourses.

From its lakes and monasteries, to beautiful resorts – Fruska Gora offers a large selection of daily and weekly activities in nature.

Novi Sad is the city of culture, beautiful girls and unforgettable nightlife. One taste of Novi Sad is enough to make you want to stay forever!

Just for you, we have singled out some of the most beautiful and the most popular places that as a tourist you simply cannot miss!

Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradinska tvrđava
Wikipedia: Nenad Šeguljev

Petrovaradin Fortress – Gibraltar on the Danube. This is a magnificent military fortification, which is located on the right bank of the Danube, on the slopes of Fruska Gora in the town of Petrovaradin.

Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci crkva
wikimedia: Paelb

In Srem, on the right bank of the Danube is the city of Sremska Kamenica.

The small, cozy city near Novi Sad has immeasurable significance to our culture and history.
This city is rich with beautiful monasteries of Fruska Gora, resorts and wineries.

Fruška gora

Fruška gora u jesen
Fruška gora

One of the greatest natural resources of Vojvodina is the National Park Fruska Gora.
These mountains are located in Srem, at only twenty minutes away from Novi Sad. Fruska Gora is rich in flora and fauna, beautiful places to visit, numerous monasteries and unforgettable lakes. This is why it is also known by the jewel of Serbia.
The slopes and valleys are covered with pastures and meadows, while the slopes are home to bountiful vineyards that make some of the best wines of this region, the higher parts of the mountains are covered with deciduous forest.

Museums in Novi Sad

Muzej Novog Sada

The city of Novi Sad represents a true time machine through history. The culture that this city has to offer is so immense that everyone can find something to explore. Novi Sad was inhabited by many different cultures.

Romans, Huns, Avars, Slavs, Hungarians, Germans, Turks…all left their mark on Novi Sad, which made it the marvelous city it is today.

The Romans found the banks of Danube River an ideal place to build a fortress, which in turn gave the city its mystical Petrovaradin Fortress.


Festivali u Novom Sadu
Festivali u Novom Sadu

Novi Sad is a cheerful and playful city and just for that reason has a large number of festivals.
Some are international, some are devoted to the youngest with traditions going back decades.

From the most famous music festival to the film, children’s and we can safely say bohemian festivals – this city has it all!

Fairs and manifestations in Novi Sad

Vasari i manifestacije
Vašari i manifestacije

Following the example of all the major cities of Europe, such as Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Novi Sad and surrounding cities organize different thematic fairs.

Their goal is to preserve the tradition, nurturing of old crafts, as well as entertainment and leisure.

At these fairs various delicacies are represented along with works of art making them an essential part of Vojvodina’s food culture.


Vinogradi Fruške gore
Wikimedia: Silverije

Wineries have always been the symbol of elegance, a source of health and provocateur passion in people.

Wine is always an essential part of the table, but it also makes a great tasteful gift for any occasion.

The slopes of Fruska Gora are covered with top quality wineries, whose wines we will present to you.


Crkve u Novom Sadu
Crkve u Novom Sadu

Novi Sad is rich in religious and national diversity and because of that it ranks among the most interesting cities in this part of Europe. It is very attractive for those who love to visit and explore the city’s urban history, religious culture and religious communities.

In the city there are a number of churches of different religions. Religious buildings in Novi Sad include mainly Christian (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Greek Catholic) religious sites. Besides them there are also Jewish synagogues and mosques of the Islamic religious community.