Novi Sad has a wide selection of restaurants that offer a variety of food in their menu. Novi Sad’s restaurants are well-known and we advise you to spend as much as time possible visit as much as possible and thus get to know the tradition and hospitality that is widely known.

To make your short stay as pleasant and effective as possible we picked top 5 restaurants in Novi Sad so you don’t have to go through this trouble.

Restaraunt Sokače

restoran sokace novi sadRestaurant Sokače is a traditional Serbian cafe. In the authentic ethno ambience, according to family recipes, dishes are prepared in clay dishes. Here you can try grilled dishes (kebabs, burgers, hangers, sausages …), but also lamb and fries.

Cafe & restaraunt Giardino

giardinoCafe & restaurant Giardino is located in an extremely attractive location-on the roof of the shopping center Bazar.
In addition to the magnificent view, the restaurant offers international cuisine, but also a real Vojvodina pizza with bacon and kulen. The menu in this restaurant is colorful, from salad, chicken, to Lava cake, which is a trademark of the restaurant.

Restaraunt Terasa

restoran terasa petrovaradinska tvrđava

Restaurant Terasa is another restaurant worth visiting for the view of Novi Sad. The restaurant is located on the plateau on the Petrovaradin fortress, next to the legendary clock. The view of the Danube and Novi Sad is unforgettable. The menu is international, from pizza to stake and various kinds of treats.

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Restaraunt Piknik

piknik novi sad

The Picnic Restaurant is located on the Danube shore.

In this restaurant with Vojvodina charm, the menu offer is more than picturesque and unusual.

The kitchen is full fell of Vojvodina, traditional, but in a special way, it would be a real shame to not try the “nevestin žipon”, “varošku mladu”, “šarana na rašljama” or the delicacy called “Frau Cherry”.

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Restaraunt Aqua Doria

carda aqua doria

Restaurant Aqua Doria is more famous as a gardens, that is a fish restaurant, located on the very bank of the Danube at the foot of the Petrovaradin fortress.

The menu of this restaurant is naturally fish of various types, but there are also grilled dishes, salads, cakes. One of the most famous dishes in this restaurant is fish pepper, which we recommend to try.

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