Winery Alex is a family company, which is jointly led by the spouses Nenad Ratkovic, better known by his nickname Bermet Aleksa and Ljiljana Bjelogrlic.

Vinarija Aleks
Vinarija Aleks

History of the Winery

This winery was founded in 1990, but the family legacy in terms of wine production dates back to the 18th century.

Ljiljana’s ancestors cultivated grapes and produced very high quality wines. The vineyards of this family winery spread on Banstol, on the border between Indjija, Irig and Sremski Karlovci, near the monastery Krušedol.

These vineyards were first planted in the thirties. When the Winery Aleks was founded, the production of wine and brandy was raised to a higher level. At first, the wine was produced solely for the needs of the family, however today the 5 acres of vineyards no longer meet the needs of production.

The winery buys grapes in order to keep up with its production demands. The trademark of winery Alex is “Bermet Aleks”. The “Bermet Aleks” stamp is protected in domestic and international markets. Along with the easily recognized brand, the winery owner Nenad Ratkovic is also very distinctive in his appearance, wearing traditional outfits from Srem, which include a black hat and vest, starched white shirt and wide white pants.

In 2008 the Alex Winery received the title of Royal Warrant by the Royal Court Karadjordjevic in Belgrade, which allowed the famous red and white bermet to find its place in the royal dining room. Bermet – the authentic wine of this region was world known going back over 150 years.

According to some data, this wine was even located on the wine list of the most famous ship “Titanic”. Bermet is a special liqueur wine, associated with vermouth, but is produced in a different way. It is flavored with sweet wine and intensified with more than 20 fragrant bitter herbs and spices.

Winery Alex wine card:

Italian Riesling -Table dry white
Vranac – Table dry red
Pinot Noir Game – Semisweet red wine
Red Bermet – Red dessert wine
Bermet – White dessert Wine
Red Bermet with truffles
White Bermet with truffles

Along with the wine Winery Aleks produces different types of brandy as well:

Lozovaca – Grape vine brandy
Klekovaca – Plum
Vinovica – Wine Brandy
Sljivovica – Plum
Apple brandy with truffles
Medovaca – Honey
Medovaca with truffles
Orahovaca – Walnut
Rasberry Brandy
Pelinkovac Ljuljin Listic – Bitter Liquor

Chocolate stuffed with Bermet

In this winery in addition to premium wines and spirits, you can find one unusual product you don’t normally find in wineries.
In the Winery Aleks even lovers of sweets can find something that will satisfy their senses. In cooperation with the company “Chocolate passion” Winery Aleks has produced chocolates filled with Bermet Aleks.

It is a mixture of black and white chocolate, handmade by a Belgian recipe with divine filling of Bermet.
The Winery Aleks has a small bar where you can have a tasting of everything they produce as well as a shop where you can buy their products after the tasting.

The wine cellar

Alex Winery has a wine cellar in Sremski Karlovci.

Here you can also taste their products along with cheese, sausage, and other traditional delicacies.
Bermet from this winery is the most awarded of all produced.


Paje Markovica Adamova 26, Novi Sad
Petrovaradinska 5 – Sremski Karlovci
+381 21/63 38 605
+381 65/23 76 382

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