The best award-winning European music festival is EXIT. Exit also happens to be one of the largest and most popular international events in Serbia.

EXIt festival Novi Sad
EXIT festival

Many people from all over the world coupled with amazing atmosphere – the fortress, make this festival truly magical.

Everyone comes here for the same reason – for the sake of a good time, great music and enjoyment of some of the most famous names of the world, but also the local music scene.
It has taken place for the past 17 years, on the Petrovaradin fortress, but initially it was built through the student movement where young people were fighting for the democratization of opportunities in Serbia.

The first year of the festival was quite busy with visitors even though it was at the local level. The following year Exit turned into one of the biggest festivals in Europe, which is a huge testament of Novi Sad’s knack for all things fun.

The festival has its own campsite, so even before the festival begins the town is buzzing with tourists and partygoers from all around the globe giving this beautiful city a specific charm.
This festival has an enormous significance for the whole region, because it managed to unite young people from all over the world and create friendships and memories to last a lifetime.
In 2014, the EXIT festival broadened its reach to the sea, with an equally magical event called the SEA DANCE festival.

It takes place immediately after EXIT and it provides an unforgettable holiday on the beach Jaz in Montenegro with acts from incredible artists from all over the world.

Simply, this festival unites everyone who visits it which makes it truly and unforgettable experience.
Exit festival takes place once a year, in early July, and every year it is visited by over 150,000 people worldwide, over 500 artists on 20 different stages.

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