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The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection is a special type of museum that deals with presentation, study and preservation of the vast collection of Yugoslavian collector and diplomat Pavle Beljanski.


In 1957, Pavle Beljanski (1892-1965) generously bequeathed his entire collection to the city of Novi Sad. A special establishment was built to house this memorial collection, which was opened to the public in 1961.
The collection as it is today is consisted of 185 works from 37 different authors.


Paintings, sculptures, tapestry representing the most important works of the early twentieth century can also be found among this collection.

Works from the legacy of collectors represents the biggest piece of the exhibition.
The collection is chronologically begins with the first generation of modernists such as Nadezda Petrovic, Malisa Glisic, Ljubomir Ivanovic, and it continues with most important Serbian works of art created between World War I and World War II – Sava Sumanovic, Ignjat Joba, Ivan Tabakovic, Zivoin Lukic, etc. It continues on to a display of works from the second half of the twentieth century – Petar Lubarda, Milan Konjovic, Ljubica Sokic, Nebojsa Mitrovic and others.
Before this amazing collection received its own building in Novi Sad it was housed in the National Museum in Sombor as well as the Museum of the City of Belgrade where it was rearranged multiple times.

Continuing his philanthropy, in 1965 Pavle Beljanski established a treaty to award the best thesis works form the study of history of arts.
He thought up this award as an excellent support and motivation of young art historians doing scientific work and research.

As of the year 2000 the Memorial Collection enables recipients of this award to organize their own creative exhibition. The honor is awarded in October of every year. In 1980 the gallery also started doing its own publishing as well.


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Opening hours:

Wednesday–Sunday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 1PM-9PM
Mondays and Tuesdays closed


100 Serbian dinars–Individual tickets
150 dinars- Group with expert interpretation of the Serbian language
300 dinars- Group with expert interpretation in English
1000 dinars- Single ticket with a guide in Serbian or English



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