Festivali u Novom Sadu

Novi Sad is a cheerful and playful city and just for that reason has a large number of festivals.
Some are international, some are devoted to the youngest with traditions going back decades.
From the most famous music festival to the film, children’s and we can safely say bohemian festivals – this city has it all!

Wine makers each year treat us to some new vintages, which are streamed into beautiful wine glasses, children leave us breathless when we realize how advanced they are for their age and how quickly they are growing, sounds of tamburitza along with a breath of wind from the Danube lead us into a whole new dimension, and some of the famous world stars will take us to the top of the music scene.

These are just pieces of different experiences and feelings through which you will remember Novi Sad festivals.

Below you can see some of the most visited festivals in Novi Sad.

EXIT festival

EXIt festival Novi Sad

The best award-winning European music festival is EXIT. Exit also happens to be one of the largest and most popular international events in Serbia.

Many people from all over the world coupled with amazing atmosphere – the fortress, make this festival truly magical.
Everyone comes here for the same reason – for the sake of a good time, great music and enjoyment of some of the most famous names of the world, but also the local music scene.

Street musicians festival

Festival uličnih svirača Novi Sad

The Street Musicians Festival was first held in 2001 and since then is held annually in September in the suburbs of the Petrovaradin fortress.

The festival gathers artists from all over the world, so we can see the world famous street artists, or those who aspire to be the next big thing.

This is the only festival in Serbia of this nature and a variety of programs each year brings more and more tourists to Novi Sad.

The Grape harvest festival

Berba grožđa Sremski Karlovci

The city of Sremski Karlovci has a long tradition of more than a decade. It is held every year in early October, in this charming town near Novi Sad.
In addition to tastings and sales of top wines, visitors can also experience the market and various hand crafts.

Zmaj’s children’s games

Zmajeve dečje igre Novi Sad

Dragon’s Children’s Games, are made up of wonderful collections of educational, literary and poetic creativity for children.

With fun games, entertainment, music educators and all around a good time, children learn some new skills.

Festival boasts a tradition of over 50 years and is the largest festival for children both in Novi Sad, as well as in Serbia.

Cinema city Novi Sad

Cinema city Novi Sad

Cinema City was founded in 2007 and as of 2008 has been held at 20 different locations in Novi Sad. Over time it has developed into an international festival of international film.

In 2008 it was assumed by the association of Exit festival, and from 2010 it has been led by the Association of Citizens Cinema City.

Festival visitors enjoy a rich choice of both foreign and domestic production.


inter fest Novi SadThe wines from the most renowned wine regions every year are tasted by visitors who enjoy this fairy drink.

This festival is there with the mission to promote wine culture, but also bring more tourists to Novi Sad and as such is very important in the development of tourism.

At the festival, you can sample wines from over 100 exhibitors from different countries.
In addition to enjoying the wines, the festival also has an educational side with lectures by experts from the production of wine and entertainment.

Novi Sad Jazz Festival

Novosadski Jazz festival

A European festival of good rhythm – Novi Sad Jazz Festival.

It is held every year in the Serbian National Theater and brings together lovers of jazz music.

The festival guarantees a great atmosphere and even better fun! Here you can also experience many exhibitions and workshops.

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