When you arrive in Novi Sad, our warmest recommendation would be to take a stroll through the city. This is the best way to experience and get to know this beautiful city. If for whatever reason you are not up for a stroll, there are many other options for transportation in Novi Sad.

Bearing in mind the problem that appears in all major world cities-the lack of parking spaces, Novi Sad is a city that recognizes the importance of public transport.

For this reason the whole city and suburbs of the city are well covered with public bus transport.

Novi Sad is a relatively small town and you can get quick and easy everywhere, and as citizens of Novi Sad are known for riding a bike, this means of transport is very common in Novi Sad.

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Ways of transportation to Novi Sad

As one of the major cities of the Republic of Serbia, Novi Sad has a very well-developed network of national and international traffic.

These are some of the ways to come to Novi Sad:

International bus transportation of Novi Sad
Intercity bus station
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Railway station
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Airports near Novi Sad