Fruška gora Vinogradi
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One of the greatest resources of Vojvodina and the first national park in Serbia, Fruska Gora National Park.
From the place  where you can enjoy magical views of pastures, meadows and slopes, the former Panonian Sea island that will wish you a warm welcome to it’s natural wealth and cultural and historical attractions.

The geographical location and natural features

This island(ish), old mountain located in Srem, only twenty minutes from Novi Sad, in the west-east. The length extends about 80 kilometers and a width of about 15 kilometers and covers an area of 25.525km², the highest peak Crveni Cot is 539 meters high. “The mirror of geological past,” is another name for this mountain, because in its sediments are preserved remains found numerous fossils of flora and fauna.


Fruska Gora is rich in flora and fauna. The slopes and valleys are covered with pastures and meadows, while the slopes are home to bountiful vineyards that make some of the best wines of this region, the higher parts of the mountains are covered with deciduous forest.
Also, on Fruska Gora is the largest concentration of lime trees in Europe.

On this mountain grows more than 700 species of medicinal plants, as well as numerous edible mushrooms, and some of the most poisonous in the world.

In comparison with the other parts of Serbia, climatic conditions Fruška above are very suitable for the development of fungi.

Animal world

Animals that call this National Park home are: wild boars, weasels, jackals, wild cats, deer and many others.

Nature realms, lakes, spas and monasteries

Fruska Gora has plenty to offer-fresh air, numerous monasteries, unforgettable lakes and spa, which is located in the heart of Fruska Gora.

We highly recommend this unique mountain, and everything you have read so far is only a tiny fraction of what Fruska Gora has to offer.

Nature realms

Fruška gora

Fruska Gora you abundantly offers beautiful nature and picnic areas on which is allowed to light fires.

Friends, family and barbecue, kettle or other culinary delicacies can make and all day picnic venue.


Jezera na fruskoj gori
Fruska Gora is adorned with 16 lakes. Most of these lakes were deliberately built to prevent flood stream from melted snow coming down from the mountain, but also for irrigation of farmlands.

On the south side of the mountain there are 14 artificial lakes, and only two of those lakes were created unplanned, after pits got filled with water.


On the south side of the mountain there are 14 artificial lakes, and only two of those lakes were created unplanned, after pits got filled with water.

The thermal water pools and the spa provide you with complete comfort.


manastiri na fruskoj goriMany can envy Fruska Gora on the abundance of its natural resources and monasteries that are located along the entire mountain.
The word monastery comes from the Greek word μοναστήριον, which in translation in our language means monastery.

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