On the southern slopes of Fruska gora, where the wind gently grazes the vineyards, using the legacy of their ancestors, Sava Jojic founded the winery Mackov podrum (Tomcat’s cellar).
This winery is located in Irig, as the people of Srem say, in the Fruska Gora capital.

Vinarija mačkov podrum
Source: Winery Mackov podrum

The vineyards stretch over 25 hectares, with additional 50 hectares are in preparation for an expansion.


The name, “Mackov podrum”, the winery received because of the family nickname, Macak (Tomcat).
The owner, Sava Jojic followed the tradition not only in the name of the winery, but also in wine production.

With the tradition and knowledge of the production that was collected over generations, this winery quickly gained an enviable reputation in making “wines with soul”.
The first recognition of the quality of the produced wine arrived very quickly for young red, and especially for young white wines, which are produced from grapes purchased in the vicinity of Kragujevac and Macedonia.

However, the aim of the winery is that for all the wine produced to be from the grapes from their vineyards, so the plan is to increase the area under vineyards.
The first wine was produced from grapes grown in vineyards owned by the winery is Portuguiser.
This is a young wine obtained from somewhat forgotten grape varieties. In the old days this wine, Portugiser, was called “svatovac” because it was ready for the November weddings.

As tradition in wine production orders, Mackov cellar presents its Portugiser on the Days of young Portugieser in Novi Sad, every third Thursday in November.

The wine list of Mačkov podrum:

Blanc de Blanc
Black Burgundy
Portouguiser- “Svatovac”
Pinot Noir

Vinarija Mačkov podrum
Source: Winery Mackov podrum

Every generation of the family Jojic left its mark, some have launched the production of wine, some have expanded planted vineyards, some have returned forgotten varieties, but they all had a good feeling for making fine wine, as evidenced by a gold medal of Salon wine in Pecs.

Mackov Portuguiser “Svatovac” has become a true Serbian brand.

Address and phone Mackov winery cellar:

Zanatski centar bb, Irig
+381 22/462 492
+381 21/621 66 11

E mail: office@mackovpodrum.co.rs

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