Ledinci lake – the most beautiful pearl of the northern slopes of Fruska gora, created in 1999 during the NATO bombing, and at the termination of the pump quarry.
Two smaller streams, and ground water began to fill the quarry and thus created one of the most popular lakes of locals, as well as tourists.

The water in the lake kept increasingly growing so at one point the depth of the lake was as high as 50 meters, and the water was clean, transparent and turquoise. The lake was bean shaped and was 400 meters long and 100 meters wide.

Ledinci lake was surrounded by steep walls and rich nature, which gave it a special feeling of tranquility and peace. This lake provided an amazing experience that made anyone that visited it want to come back.

Ledinacko jezero Ledinci
Surroundings of the lake are rich in cultural monuments and sites which are of particular interest to tourists, such as: the Turkey fountain, Perica’s Cave, the Church of St. George, streams – Luka’s saint and Silver creek, which filled the lake.

Unfortunately, even though the locals and nature lovers put up a good fight, the lake was not preserved and in 2005 became the property of a Rakovac company “Alas”. In 2009 it was dried out making one of the most beautiful treasures of nature lost.

However, there is some speculation that the company will exploit the stone from the quarry for the next 10 years, and then restore the lake, filling it with water and making it a beutiful resort once again.

One of the interesting facts related to Ledinci Lake is that in 2003 a famous singer Zdravko Colic filmed a video for his popular song “Ao, nono bijela“, on this lake. Also, on this very lake lake famous Serbian movies such as “We Are Not Angels”, “Rock and Roll Strikes Back” and “Tears for Sale” filmed some of their scenes.

Baptisms were often performed by the Serbian Orthodox Church, on Ledinci Lake.

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