On the southern slope of Fruska Gora, on the side of Srem, near the center of Irig, there is as beautiful winery – Winery Kovacevic.


This winery has an over a century long tradition of grape growing and winemaking. Kovacevic Winery is a family winery and the current owner, Miroslav Kovacevic, is the third generation continuing the family tradition.

The winery spreads over 80 hectares of land.

The combination of tradition and modern ways of producing wine makes this winery at the very top among wine producers.
In 2001 a new Winery was built that featured modern winemaking equipment with modern technology and traditional methods in the production itself. Once producing about 10,000 liters a year, today the winery’s production has skyrocketed to 200,000 bottles a year.

As market demand grew, winery Kovacevic acquired the old Iriški basement in 2013, which is renowned as one of the greatest in former Yugoslavia.

The trademark of the new winery, housed in the old wine cellar, is a line of wines Orfelin -white, pink and red, in memory of the first Serbian oenologists and winegrower, Zechariah Orfelin.

The combination of tradition and modern ways of producing wine makes this winery at the very top among wine producers.
The varieties of grapes used in the production of wines in the winery are Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cormorant.


In addition to the best varieties of grapes the best wine making technology is required in order to produce premium wines.
The production of the Kovacevic Winery boasts with the best equipment for fermenting, biochemical analysis, and aging of wine.

Since in winemaking every step of the process is essential, Winery Kovacevic carefully monitors and maintains every aspect of the wine making process to make sure everything is at the top level.

Everything from selecting varieties and planting vines, through the processing of land on which the vines are planted, harvesting, processing of the grapes, aging of the wine, to transport of the finished product to wine consumers.

Winery Kovacevic owns the Wine house Kovacevic, set in the beautiful surroundings in the vicinity of the winery.

Wine house and restaurant

The Wine house Kovacevic is formed as a combination of the world of wine and gastronomy.

This restaurant is located in a real oasis of greenery with a beautiful view on Fruska Gora.

The food in the restaurant is a blend of traditional Vojvodina cuisine and innovative culinary methods, so here you can try dishes such as ribs with honey or similar delicacies.
All of the food used in this restaurant is produced in this region: fish from the Danube, meats and cheeses are from Vojvodina, herbs from the slopes of Fruska Gora.
All these unforgettable gastronomic experience are matched with an extensive wine list from the Kovacevic Winery.

Vinarija Kovačević
Source: Winery Kovacevic

Kovacevic Winery wine list:

Kovacevic – sparkling wine
Rhine Riesling – dry white wine
Sauvignon Blanc – dry white wine
Chardonnay – dry white wine
Barrique Chardonnay – dry white wine
Rosetto – pink dry wine
Aurelius Barrique – red dry wine
Bermet- specially flavored wine
Cuvee Piquant – dry white wine

For the ultimate experience in consuming food and wine in Wine house Kovacevic special tasting menus were made that are based on the sorting of food and wine.
All wines can be tasted by glass.

This restaurant also offers lodging in the form of elegant suites with stunning views of Fruska Gora.

Within the restaurant there is a play area for children making this restaurant ideal for family holidays.

Address of Winery Kovacevic:

Vojvode Putnika 78
22406 Irig,Serbia
Phone: + 381 22461192

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