Manastir Krusedol

On the southern slopes of Fruska gora, between Irig and Maradik, sits Monastery Krusedol, nestled in gentle nature, surrounded by old chestnut trees.

Krušedol Monastery, one of the most significant Serbian monasteries, was founded by George Maksim Branković and his mother Angelina Brankovic, the last rulers of this lineage.


Construction of the monastery began in 1509 and lasted until 1514. The monastery church is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin.

The icons on the iconostasis, including the oldest dating from the fifteenth century are amongst the most valuable in this monastery. The rich treasury of the monastery and many relics make this monastery one of the most important Serbian monasteries.

This monastery suffered destruction and burning during its history. In 1716 the Turks burned it. Works on reconstruction started already in 1719 and lasted until 1756.


Special attention at this monastery attracts the mausoleum where the remains of many important and famous Serbs found their final resting place.

Here are, among others, buried patriarch Arsenije III Čarnojević, Metropolitan Isaiah Djakovic, patriarch Arsenije IV Jovanovic, Duke Stefan Šupljikac, Princess Ljubica Obrenovic and King Milan.

Also in the monastery under the iconostasis are the musts of the Brankovic family.

ulaz u manastir krusedol

During WWII the monastery was robed, but all the valubles were retrieved and ara now located in the museum of Serbian Ortodox church.


The iconostasis of the monastery Krušedol make icons from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. It consists of 36 icons. They all come from different periods.
In 1722 the monastery gained a chapel of St. Maximus where there is a large collection of icons, paintings, old manuscripts, books, furniture and decorative objects.


One of the interesting facts related to the monastery Krušedol is that the famous Serbian poet, Laza Kostic, lived in it. Because of unfulfilled love, with 30 years younger Lenka Dunđerski, this poet withdrew to the monastery, and sadly the young girl died. Devastated, Laza Kostic, sought solace in writing and created the most beautiful love song from Serbian literature – “Santa Maria della Salute”.


Manastir Krušedol
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