Following the example of all the major cities of Europe, such as Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Novi Sad and surrounding cities organize different thematic fairs.
Their goal is to preserve the tradition, nurturing of old crafts, as well as entertainment and leisure.
At these fairs various delicacies are represented along with works of art making them an essential part of Vojvodina’s food culture.
At these events, you will find an enthusiastic crowd of people. These fairs intertwine different cultures, nationalities, young, old, children…and everyone here has the same goal – to have fun and eat or drink.
Basically the concept is similar with every event, representing the manufacturers, competitions to determine who are best and of course the obligatory good food! The whole event is topped off with good music.

We’ve set apart a few events that we would warmly recommend you visit:

Kobasicijada (sausage making fair)

kobasicijada u Turiji


n the municipality of Srbobran in Turija, every year and event called “Kobasicijada” is organized. This gastronomic event includes butchers and lovers of local products.

Sausage for Guinness

Sausage of Turija broke the Guinness record and become the largest in the world on February 23rd of 2013, given that the diameter of the spiral was whopping 3.97 meters.

Kobasicijada u Turiji

“Kobasicijada” is held every year, on the last Sunday in February.
Last years sausage was over 2 km long, and arrived on a tractor!
That the event is known to the wider masses, tells us the fact that the last time the guests were from: Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Russia and Slovenia, who interestingly used spices characteristic of their country of origin.
“Kobasicijada” is a great example of fostering national traditions and values.

Sremska Kulenijada (Kulen making fair)

One of the favorite Serbian cured meats is certainly Kulen.
The first “Sremska Kobasicijada” was held on the farm of Branko Hodoba in Sremska Mitrovica, 1999.
Sremska kulenijada

The event venue changed from year to year. From farms to hotels, as the venue changed the interest grew. After the 9th consecutive “Kulenijada” Erdevik became the traditional venue of the event.
“Sremska Kulenijada” is a manifestation that promotes just that product.
The event has a competitive spirit and accordingly organizes quality assessment of Kulen, announcement of the winners and awarding of diplomas and awards to the best manufacturers Kulen.
Organizers of “Sremska Kulenijada” are the Srem Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Sid, the local community and Erdevik Tourist Organization of Sid.

Pasuljijada (bean making fair)

Pasuljijada u Temerinu

“Temerinska pasuljijada” is one of the most visited Serbian food festivals. The first time it was held in June 2005, organized by the association of citizens “Ekocentar Vodomar” from Temerin. 22 teams of competitors attended the first pasuljijada. Now this event has more than 250 teams from as many as six countries.
This event is organized every year, usually in June.
If you want to compete at one of the next pasuljijada, you need to be prepared for these conditions, which organizers ask, such as: beans are cooked exclusively in a clay pot, kettle or cauldron; only bean stew is considered for the competition; beans are cooked on natural fires, and firewood is provided; ingredients for cooking the beans are of your own choosing; a cook and an assistant cook make up one team; the time allotted for cooking beans is three hours.
The basis for evaluation: general appearance, density, taste, and how well the beans are cooked.

Pasuljijada u Temerinu

The event has an accompanying program, where you can enjoy participation of cultural clubs, and you can find and ethno-alley, as well as children’s drawings on the subject of beans.

Kupusijada (cabbage fair)

In honor of the famous cabbage in our republic, is a manifestation called “Futoška Kupusijada”. Futog for which it was named is a town on the left bank of the Danube, near Novi Sad.

Kupusijada u Futogu

The people of Futog grow their own cabbage so they launched an appeal for its protection with the Institute for Intellectual Property.
Association “Futoški Kupus” is PDO certified for fresh cabbage and sauerkraut.
The event aims to gather aficionados of cabbage dishes, but also for the promotion of our culture, local customs and traditions.
The organizers of this event are: Local community “Futog” KC Mladost and association “Futoški kupus”.

Čvarak fest (Crackling making fair)

Čvarak fest

This festival is a good time, fun all with homemade products straight from a boiling cauldron. The event, which is held in Kac, near the city of Novi Sad, is a gathering of a large number of competitors and exhibitors.

Čvarak is certainly Vojvodina’s brand and through this event fosters tradition of Vojvodina’s cuisine, and folk customs.
Čvarak – as one of the best products of our cuisine goes well with beer and wine. According to the old, traditional recipe, it is important that the cracklings are salted in the evening, then left to melt over low heat so the fat strains and at the end poured over with milk. When cracklings are baked, they are salted again, if desired.

Pihtijada (gelatin delicacy making fair)

“Rumenačka pihtijada” is an event of international character.
It takes place in the village of Rumenka, close to Novi Sad, and can easily be reached by commuter buses.

Pihtijada u Rumenci

Pihtija is a traditional Serbian dish.
Essentially, this is a soup, or soup concentrate specifically made of pork. Pihtija is a gelatin dish that consists of pork pieces that have a high amount gelatin substance. A dish that was once made by our grandmothers is actually a pauperistic food, but over time has become an indispensable part of the rich tables as well. During “Pihtijada” pihtija is cooked for tasting, but there is also a “super pihtija” that measures 18 meters long. In addition to making pihtija, a competition in horseradish making is organized.

Also, at this event you can find handcrafts, wine, sausages, brandy and many other products that were produced in the traditional way.

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