Monastery Grgeteg is located on the southern slope of Fruska gora, 7 km from the town of Irig, 16 km from Sremski Karlovci and 30 km from Novi Sad.

This nunnery is one of the oldest, most beautiful and most visited monasteries on Fruska Gora.

Manastir Grgeteg


As with most monasteries in this area, it is not known for certain when it was built and who built it.
According to legend, the monastery despot Vuk Brankovic, known as the Dragon of Fire, built Grgeteg for his blind father, Gregory Brankovic, who was a Hilandar monk.

According to this legend, Grgeteg monastery was built in 1471. According to the official history of the monastery, the monastery was built in somewhere from 1459 to 1521.

The monastery church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, built in baroque style and is surrounded by residence halls on all four sides.The famous historian, Ilarion Ruvarac, visited the monastery. He had very great merits as a pioneer of restoration of the monastery; it is thanks to him that the monastery has its current appearance. He was buried on the hill above the monastery.


The iconostasis, which is now in the church, features 21 beautiful icons, the works of famous Serbian painter Uros Predic. The most significant value of the monastery Grgeteg is religious (third) copy of Hilandar’s miraculous icon of the Virgin with three hands.

Manastir grgeteg


Within the monastery there is a chapel dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin and a chapel dedicated to St. Seraphim of Sarov.
The monastery is today known for baptisms and weddings, which are carried out there.


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