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The Museum of Novi Sad was founded in 1954 and is dedicated to the collection and presentation of the city from its earliest stages and development through modern times.
The museums main building, more popularly known as Mamula’s barrack was initially built in 1775 in the form of a one-story barrack.
As part of the museum you can also see permanent exhibitions that represent the continuous inhabiting of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Catacombs of Petrovaradin Fortress

One of the biggest and most visited attractions of the mystical Petrovaradin Fortress is the Military gallery – The Catacombs.
These underground military galleries are spread over 20km of tunnels.
They are in the form of four-story communication system spread out in what seems to be an endless maze of tunnels.

Every level is marked by a different color.

The first story is red, the second story is green, third is blue and the fourth is black.
The most mysterious place can be found at the bottom of the fourth (black) story known as the Kaiser well.
It is said that the Austrian emperor Joseph II, who was the son of Maria Theresa, drank water from this very well.
Legend says that there is buried treasure in the vicinity of the fortress, which makes the galleries a frequent stop for many treasure hunters.

Some of the interesting discoveries in the galleries were a Maltese cross, as well as evidence pointing to Masonic movements throughout the tunnels. Another one of Masonic emblems is “Ipam miam”.
This is an inscription used by alchemists and masons to mark doorways as a symbol that they are moving toward the Creator, moving toward something becoming out of nothing and vice versa.

Podzemlje Petrovaradinske Tvrdjave
Wikimedia: Dennis Jarvis

This museum has always been known as a wondrous place where mythical meets history.
In early November of 2010 the inner treasure of the Petrovaradin Fortress was also graced by a visit from the famous “Ghost Hunters International”.
The episode with their experience was originally aired February 2nd 2011 on the American science fiction television channel SyFy and was seen in many countries of the world. Their presence and airing of the episode stirred up a lot of attention from the locals.
“Ghost Hunters International” consists of a team of paranormal investigators who, with the help of cutting-edge technology attempt to record video and sound proving the presence of otherworldly and supernatural forces. Their locations are always closely related to tales and myths of the supernatural so it is not surprising that the Petrovaradin Fortress was one of their stops.
SyFy channel’s crew brought with them hypersensitive equipment which interestingly enough was able to identify the existence of some paranormal activity within the long maze of tunnels under the Petrovaradin Fortress.

This one of a kind museum is definitely a highly recommended stop when visiting this beautiful city.


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Opening hours:

9AM- 5PM

Headquarters and museum guide service center:

+381 21 643-3145
+381 21 643-3613


300 Serbian dinars
Group visits: 200 Serbian dinars

English guided tours: 500 Serbian dinars

Underground military galleries

Individual tickets: 300 Serbian dinars

Students / elderly: 200 Serbian dinars

School excursions (per person): 100 Serbian dinars

A tour of the underground military galleries is possible is 10 tickets are purchased. A minimum of 10 tickets must be paid, which amounts to 3000, 2000 or 1000 dinars (depending on the category of visitors)

Expert guidance on permanent exhibitions and thematic exhibitions in English per visit (regardless of the number of visitors): 500 dinars

Professional guides during the visit of the underground military galleries in English per visit (regardless of the number of visitors): 500 dinars

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