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Children are our greatest treasure and deserve all of our attention, dedication and love. The charming Novi Sad has plenty of interesting events for even the youngest of visitors.

If you are parents and you love sports, but do not have anyone to leave the children while you train, Novi Sad has places such as Training center Tajs that offer activities for the whole family. From family classes to Capoeira for all ages – Training Center Tajs has you covered!

In Novi Sad miracles are possible- we believe in fairies, worship trips in nature, all types of games, theater plays, slides, candy, clowns, balloons and music.
If you love me even a tiny part of this then your family should pack their bags and head to Novi Sad so your whole family can enjoy its magic.

Here are just some of the things we recommend for you to visit and enjoy with your children.

Kamenicki Park

kamenicki park u novom sadu

A natural monument, which has been under the protection of the country since 2008 is located on the right bank of the Danube and is the largest park of Novi Sad. Kamenicki Park was formed in the nineteenth century, around the family castle of Marcibanji-Karaconji, which presently serves as a cultural monument of great importance.

The castle was built in the classic style, and the family’s desire was to have a large green area behind the castle to resemble English gardens.

marcibanji karaconji dvorac u kamenickom parku

The preservation of the space and style in which the park was designed gives it a special value. At the entrance of the park there is a concrete bridge that bridges the Kamenicki stream. From this site you can see a walking trail that dates from the time of the formation of the park and several vantage points.

Once the park was adorned with five natural lakes, but today unfortunately only one remains. The most striking sculpture can be found in the central part of the park, at the main lookout, the so-called “hill rose” or “the Pentagon”.

The sculptures are in the form of the five pillars of characters that look like Roman soldiers, and it is assumed that they represent the five members of the Karaconji family.

The remains of the sculptures “Sphinx” and “Amor and Nymph” can also be seen in the park. They are assumed to date back to the very beginnings of the creation of the park, namely 1834.

kros maraton u kamenickom parku

Two-thirds of the park are forested and dominated by native species of oak, linden, maple… However, Kamenicki Park also boasts with exotic plants originating from different parts of Europe.
Two of the oldest oaks, dating from 1805, still adorn the park with its beauty.

Dunavski Park

dunavski park novi sad

At the very end of Danube Street (Dunavska Ulica) in Novi Sad you can find a beautiful park. A true oasis of peace, this park is monument of nature. The Danube Park is named exactly after this street. In its close proximity is also the riverbank walkway known as Kej, where you can observe the river Danube along with a beautiful view of the Petrovaradin fortress.

Once known as Liman, a branch of the Danube, which in the nineteenth century was completely overgrown with reeds and willows, as well as a brood of mosquitoes and frogs is now a location of this charming park.

When the land was leveled all that remained was a small swamp. This swamp was then turned into a beautiful pond with a small island called “Erzsebet”, after the famous Hungarian countess Erzsebet Báthory.

On the small island in the middle of the pond a single weeping willow was planted in memory of Elizabeth of Bavaria, Empress of Austria in who was assassinated in 1898. Today this pond is home to ducks and turtles.

patka u dunavskom parku
At the beginning of the twentieth century the landscaping of the park was intensified. Trees were planted, walking paths created and the judicial palace was built, which is now home to the Museum of Vojvodina. During this time the park also received its first sculpture – the Nymph.

Between 1958 and 1962, Ratibor Djordjevic, designed a whole reconstruction of the park that became as you see it today. The Danube Park boasts numerous monuments including busts of Mika Antic and Branko Radičevic, as well as a monument to Djura Jaksic.

statua djure jaksica u dunavskom parku

Fruska gora

fruska gora

One of the greatest natural resources of Vojvodina is the National Park Fruska Gora.
These mountains are located in Srem, at only twenty minutes away from Novi Sad. Fruska Gora is rich in flora and fauna, beautiful places to visit, numerous monasteries and unforgettable lakes and this is why it is also known by the jewel of Serbia.

The slopes and valleys are covered with pastures and meadows, while the slopes are home to bountiful vineyards that make some of the best wines of this region, the higher parts of the mountains are covered with deciduous forest.

vinogradi na fruskoj gori

Also, on Fruska Gora is home to the largest concentration of lime trees in Europe. On this mountain more than 700 species of medicinal plants have been indentified, and the animals that call this National Park home are: wild boars, weasels, jackals, wild cats, deer and many others.

Aqua park Petroland

aqua park petroland

Petroland Aqua Park is the most modern entertainment complex in our country. It is located at only 20 kilometers from Novi Sad, in Bački Petrovac. The water pool water is geothermal and comes from springs from a depth of 800 meters,with a natural temperature that is about 40 degrees Celsius.

Because of Petroland’s modern technology, even on the hottest of summer days, you can still cool off with a dip in one of the pools.

The aqua park has 6 outdoor pools and a myriad of entertainment for both children and adults.
For the youngest there is a specially designed large paddling pool. The pool contains a large tower and several slides.

Adrenaline junkies will certainly find the “kamikaze” and “black hole” slides the most interesting.

tobogan u petrolandu-aqua park-backi petrovac
At Aqua Park Petroland, you can find a variety of restaurants, both for dining and refreshments, changing rooms, sun beds and parasols. At Petroland you will find everything you need to have a relaxing and fun day in the sun.

For more information visit: Aqua park Petroland’s website

Dino park

dino park u novom sadu
Unique, all-day entertainment for all ages. Dino Park is located next to Spens and is very accessible from any part of town. Dino Park is the first scientific amusement park in this part of the Balkans. It features 24 replicas of dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era.

Most dinosaurs are of multimedia character, which means that dinosaurs move and produce sounds making it a one of a kind experience for its visitors.The Dino guides at the park provide interesting facts about all of the dinosaurs so you are learning while having fun.

Guides will explain what life was like in the time of Trias, Jurassic and Cretaceous, and finally, how these unique animals completely disappeared from our planet.
In addition to learning and discovering some new things there is also an indispensable entertainment content. There are numerous workshops, performances, quizzes, and there is a Dino’s playroom as well as birthday celebrations.

More info at:

Zmaj’s children’s games

spomenik jovanu jovanovicu zmaju u novom sadu

Zmaj’s Children’s Games, are made up of wonderful collections of educational, literary and poetic creativity for children.

With fun games, entertainment, music educators and all around a good time, children learn some new skills.

Festival boasts a tradition of over 50 years and is the largest festival for children both in Novi Sad, as well as in Serbia.