Looking to spend a nice day or even weekend in nature? Fruska Gora will gladly be your generous host with countless natural wonders at your disposal!

Bountiful resorts that adorn this mountain will welcome you with well maintained resting and picnic areas as well as plenty of wineries and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

Along with beautiful picnic areas, Fruska Gora can boast with its rich flora and fauna, beautiful monasteries and wonderful lakes.

Iriški venac

fruska gora

The highest altitude passenger road and most famous crossroads on Fruska Gora, is only 20 kilometers from Novi Sad. It connects Novi Sad with Ruma and other parts of Srem and Mačva.

Abounds with places to visit, such as restaurants and camping areas.
East of the crossroads you can discover the Freedom Monument, TV Tower, and hotel “Norcev”.


Izletiste brankovac na fruskoj gori

Between Red Čot and Vrdnik, next to the Partizan Road there is the picnic area Brankovac.

A popular place at any time of the year, besides the beautiful view that stretches to Novi Sad, since 2012, it also has its own snowboard park.

Nearby Brankovac is a road through the woods leading to Beocin monastery with meadows just below the road that lead to the waterfall Dumbovački.

Be extremely careful, because the road is very steep and demanding.


zmajevac fruska gora

Unforgettable views of Srem that stretch on forever will leave you breathless, especially before sunset.

The picnic areas are located at the crossroads of the Vrdnik-Rakovac road and Partizanski Road. It is near Iriški Venac.

At this lookout you will find picnic tables as well as brick grills, which makes it a perfect place for a relaxing barbeque.


skola prirode testera

There is an asphalt road, at only 6 kilometers from the village Čerević, a little before the picnic area Andrevlje that will take you to Testera.

This resort is particularly popular among children, because the majority of it is customized for them and it also contains facilities for accommodation, sports activities as well as teaching.

Nature, forests, meadows, nearby church and pond give this resort something special that no other resort has.


letenka fruska gora

At the heart of Fruska Gora lays a resort that offers abundant clean air, beautiful nature and diverse wildlife.

On the way to Letenka can see herds of wild boar, roe deer, badgers or a foxes.
Near Letenka, only a few kilometers of the Crveni Čot, the highest peak of Fruska gora, 593 meters high.

tv toranju crveni cot
Because of its altitude, Crveni Čot was the perfect location to set up radio and television transmitters. Unfortunately, during the NATO bombing these transmitters suffered tremendously.


izletiste strazilovo

Only 4 kilometers from Sremski Karlovci is an entrance to a magical forest. At an altitude of 321 meters there is a beautiful picnic area- Stražilovo.

This area offers a multitude of entertainment, beautiful nature, but also a little bit of history. Specifically, the tomb of the famous Serbian poet Branko Radicevic can be found here. Also, there is a resort “Brankov Čardak” which offers accommodation and has a restaurant.


Jeep adventure

dzip safari fruska gora

If you are of the adventurous spirit, like to try and enjoy new and different things in nature this is the right excursion for you!

An unforgettable and exciting ride in Jeeps dating back to 1941 over the narrow roads of Fruska Gora is certain to leave you in awe!

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