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If you find yourself in Novi Sad you will see that there is no shortage of interesting places to visit and things to see, and on this page we are going to represent some of the most famous Novi Sad landmarks.

The old core of the city is full of cultural and historical monuments and other attractions that make a distinctive milieu of Novi Sad.
The old magistrate, today’s City Hall, is one of the oldest buildings in Novi Sad and is located at city center. Right in front of it you can find the famous monument of Svetozar Miletic, politician and mayor, standing in the middle of the square of Liberty.

Zmaj Jovina Street, one of the oldest streets in Novi Sad, extends from Liberty Square to the Bishop’s Palace. This palace was the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Bishop of the Diocese of Backa. In front of the palace is a symbol of this street, monument Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj. Walking down this street you will find something for everyone. With its exquisite restaurants and cafes, shopping, traditional architecture, statues and monuments, it is definitely a must see when visiting Novi Sad.

Zmaj Jovina Street intersects with the Dunavska Street, the oldest street in Novi Sad, which leads to the famous Danube Park. This park is the oldest and most beautiful park of Novi Sad.
Near this park is the Museum of Vojvodina with their constant settings on human community. Right next to this museum is the Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Museum of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad can also boast with its theatres: the Serbian National Theater, Youth Theater, Novi Sad Theater, Theater 34…
The Gallery Square is another real cultural and artistic curiosity of this city. On this square there are three outstanding cultural institutions: Gallery of Matica Srpska, the Rajko Mamuzic Collection Gallery and the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection.

flickr: Nick Savchenko

Also, in the old part of town, is the Matica Srpska – the oldest literary, cultural and scientific institution, housed in a building that is a cultural monument.
Another public building worth seeing is the building of the Danube Banship, today the Executive Council of Vojvodina, which is located near the Danube Park and is a distinctive feature of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad being a multinational and multi-religious city that it is also has a large number of religious temples. The Orthodox Churches, which represent some of the landmarks of this city, are: the St. Nicholas Church, Assumption Church, Congregational Church and Almaška Church.

The Roman Catholic Churches that are certainly known for its architectural perfection are: the Roman Catholic parish church of Mary and the Church of Our Lady of the Snow. In Novi Sad there is also a Synagogue, one of the four that exist in Serbia.

The Novi Sad University, an academic center of the city with 19 faculties also deserves a mention, as it is a cradle of knowledge visited by many great minds of the world.

The Petrovaradin Fortress, also known as the “Gibraltar of the Danube”, built for defense, today is a historic jewel of Novi Sad. This bastion still shrouded in mystery, with an endless web of underground galleries, trenches and gates, makes a unique attraction of Novi Sad. The symbol of the fortress is the “clock” in which small hand shows minutes and the large shows hours.

Every year this fortress is the home of the EXIT festival, which has become a landmark of modern Novi Sad.