Novi Sad is rich in religious and national diversity and because of that it ranks among the most interesting cities in this part of Europe. It is very attractive for those who love to visit and explore the city’s urban history, religious culture and religious communities.
In the city there are a number of churches of different religions. Religious buildings in Novi Sad include mainly Christian (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Greek Catholic) religious sites. Besides them there are also Jewish synagogues and mosques of the Islamic religious community.
All of the larger churches are located mainly in the area of the old town center. If you want the city folks to tell you the names of these churches, you will receive a shortened version of their titles. These are: Orthodox, Almaška, Nicholas, Assumption and Cathedral.
To make your experience even more wholesome we have put aside a few interesting facts of all of the noted churches.

 The Congregational Church of Saint George

saborna crkva svetog djordja u novom sadu

The Congregational Church of Saint George is the most important and the largest Orthodox church in Novi Sad and is the main Episcopal Church in Bačka.
This Church was first mentioned in 1720.
It houses the largest number of iconic and historical pictures painted by the famous Serbian painter Paja Jovanovic.

In the churchyard is the Epiphany Cross made of pink marble – the oldest monument of Novi Sad.

The Church of the Dormition of the Virgin

crkva uspenja presvete bogorodice

The Church of the Dormition of the Virgin was already existent as far back as 1731. The special beauty of this church is contributed by carved iconostasis, as well as a carving of the Virgin throne. The church was built in the baroque style and adorned with a Baroque bell tower that contains three bells. Inside of the church is emphasized by an altar area where the floor is made up of pink marble.

The church is located in the Uspenska street next to the Serbian National Theater.

The Church of transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas

Nikolajevska crkva u Novom Sadu
Wikipedia: Panonian

Known as the Church of St. Nicholas, this is the oldest Orthodox church in Novi Sad. It was mentioned as far back as 1730. This church is the burial place of the famous Serbian benefactress Mary Trandafil.

The iconostasis is very modest, however its beauty is highlighted by the icon of St. Nicholas after who the church was named for and dedicated to. In the altar area a valuable icon of the black Maltese Virgin is kept.
A fun fact about this church is that this is the church where the children of the famous scientist Albert Einstein were baptised. The church is located in Pasiceva Street.

Almaska Church

Almaška crkva u Novom Sadu
Wikimedia: Pucarevic

Almaska Church is the temple of the Three Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is the largest Orthodox church in Novi Sad.
It was built in 1797 and today’s appearance that is in the style of early classicism it received during the last renovation in the late eighteenth century. The icon on the Virgin’s throne was done by the famous Serbian painter Uros Predic.

The church is located in the eponymous street, Almaska.

The Novi Sad Synagogue

Novosadska sinagoga
Wikipedia: PetarM

The Novi Sad Synagogue is one of the four synagogues that exist in Serbia. It is located in the center of the Jevrejska street.

It was built over a period of three years, from 1906 to 1909. Within the synagogue a Jewish school and a Jewish Community Center were built, and all three buildings form a harmonious architectural whole. It was built in the style of Hungarian Art Nouveau, as a basilica.

Above the door of the synagogue is a Hebrew inscription: “Let this house be a house of prayer for all people”.
The most beautiful decorations inside of the synagogue are certainly stained glass, produced on approximately 300 square meters in the window openings and rosettes.

This is now one of the most representative concert venues in the city and boasts exceptional acoustics.

The Roman Catholic Church Name of Mary

katedrala u novom sadu

The Roman Catholic Church Name of Mary is the first Catholic church built in Novi Sad, in the first decade of the eighteenth century, in the neo-gothic style.

The tower height of 72 meters and the gold cross on its top give a special appearance to this church.
The entrance to the church has a large two-door portal above which is an embossed coat of arms with the text “Baptism of love”. The windows are covered with stained glass. At the top of the church is a clock tower.
The church interior is decorated with four altars. The people of Novi Sad call this church the Cathedral, though it is not.

This church is located on the main square in Novi Sad, on Liberty Square, across from the City Hall.

The Church of Our Lady of the Snow

Crkva Snežne Gospe na Tekijama
Wikimedia: Saskafoto

The Church of Our Lady of the Snow in Tekije, located on the road between Petrovaradin and Sremski Karlovci was built to honor the victory of the Austrian army over the Turks in 1716. In 1881. the present church with two towers in gothic style was built.

The altars are in the style of three Christian variants: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.
At the last dome a cross is placed and a crescent, as a sign that the church belonged to alternately two religions. Liturgy is held throughout the year, but on the days of the greatest pilgrimage, on the day of Our Lady of the Snow, August 5, it is held in multiple languages.

In the chapel there is a picture of the Mother of God by the church given by Eugene Savojski.

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