Manastir Velika Remeta

The monastery Velika Remeta is situated in a valley in the eastern part of Fruska gora, near the eponymous village of Velika Remeta.

This monastery and its church are dedicated to Saint Demetrius. Within the monastery there are two chapels: Saint John the Baptist from the eighteenth century and the Assumption of the Virgin built in 1970.

It has the highest and the oldest bell tower in Srem – 38.6 meters.


The monastery was built in the fifteenth century, but like most monasteries on Fruska Gora there is no credible confirmation on who erected it. According to folklore the monastery was built by King Dragutin Nemanjic, however there is no written evidence of it.

The monastery’s church was built in the sixteenth century. According to some assumptions, the church was first decorated with frescos in 1568, and from this period dates the fresco on the outer wall.

Unutra[njost manastira Velika Remeta


On this fresco St. Demetrius is shown. The fresco was unfortunately very badly preserved. The only fresco, which has been preserved to this day, is above the north door, and on it is the Madonna with the infant Christ.

The iconostasis was made in the first half of the eighteenth century. At the beginning of World War II the monastery was occupied and ravaged by the Ustasha and burned.

Monastery of Velika Remeta was renovated in 1982 and its restoration continues to this day.
Velika Remeta manastir na Fru[koj gori


Within the monastery there is the “Garden of Eden”, Ethno Village, a copy of “Bethlehem’s cave” and the hill “Zion” with the chapel. There is also a source Ubavac, which is famous for its healing water that clears vision.

The entrance to the monastery garden has new lodgings for visitors. The monastery also organizes a summer art school and icon-painting workshop for young people.


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Velika Remeta

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