Vinarija Salaxia
Source: Winery Salaxia

Not far from Novi Sad, only 12 km away to be exact, there is a winery called Salaxia.
Next to the beautiful monastery Rakovac, in the Old Rakovac, stands this modern family winery.


Aleksandar Tadic, erected this modern winery in 2009.
Since then, this winery has produced only the highest quality wines from Fruska Gora grapes.

The winery works on the principle of Italian cooperatives.
The winery buys grapes from growers from Fruska Gora, and in return Salaxia provides money, fertilizers and pesticides to the grape growers.

This type of cooperative wine production works very well to the mutual satisfaction of growers and the winery Salaxia.
From the winery Salaxia come quality wines, young and aged.
First of all these are young white wines, but also red and pink.
Of the aged wines they best known for “Burlesque” and “Noar Noar”

The wine list of winery Salaxia:

Italian Riesling
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Salaxia Rose
Noar Noar
Cabernet Noir

Winery Salaxia is a real combination of experience and modern technology in wine production.
With their exquisite wines they offer a superb culinary experience for all true hedonists.


As part of the winery you will find a restaurant that offers tourists the local gastronomic specialties sealed with tasting of exceptional wines.

The restaurant is located in a very pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by pines, spruces and cedars.

The spacious terrace is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

The kitchen of this restaurant-winery is very interesting, everything is prepared by local recipes in a very imaginative way.

On the menu of this restaurant are sausage from Srem, sausage, beefsteak, mushroom-oyster and porcini mushrooms, goat cheese and many more. Even the oil that is put in salads, flax and hazelnut is from local production.

Of course the bread that is served here is homemade, fresh-baked and warm.
With each dish there is a recommendation for a premium wine of winery Salaxia, which along with the intoxicating scents and tastes of this delicacy comes even more to the fore.

To make the experience even more wholesome, tourists may learn how to make wine, taste it and purchase their favorite ones at the store.

Address of winery Salaxia:

bb Manastirska
Stari Rakovac
Phone: +381 21 / 6265 437

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