Manastir Novo Hopovo

Monastery Novo Hopovo was established as an endowment of despot Maximus (Durda) Brankovic in the early sixteenth century on the remains of a former monastery.

The monastery is situated on a gentle slope of the southern part of Fruska Gora, near Irig, 3 km from the resort Iriški Venac. It is a few hundred meters from the main road Ruma-Novi Sad.

Because of its location is one of the most accessible monasteries at Fruska Gora.

Manastir Novo Hopovo


Monastery Novo Hopovo was the most important cultural center, and at one time was the seat of the episcopate and the monastery school. Here they copied the books and educated people to read and write.
The monastery was destroyed and rebuilt twice. During World War II the rich monastery library was destroyed.
The monastery with the church of St. Nicholas has the holiest of architectural values from the time of its creation in the region.


Frescos from the monastery Novo Hopovo are considered some of the most important in the Balkans. The famous Serbian icon painter Teodor Kračun worked on these frescoes.

The monastery was built in the Moravian style of cut stone and brick, and merged with elements of European and Islamic world art.

Living quarters were built later, in the eighteenth century.
In the monastery are the relics of St. Theodore Tyron, a Christian saint from the fourth century, which have been there since the sixteenth century to present day and are kept in front of the altar.

Manastir Novo Hopovo
Another interesting fact related to the monastery Hopovo, is Dimitrije Obradovic took his vows here and took the name Dositej. Our well-known educator spent three years at this monastery.


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