novi sad

Novi Sad is extremely cheerful, playful and is widely known  as a city of “smiling faces”. Although the economical situation in Serbia is tough it is very rare that you see someone in this city who is not smiling, and is not in the mood to help you, especially if you are an foreigner, so entertainment in Novi Sad is never an issue.

Although people in Novi Sad -Lale and Sose (as popularly called) famous for good food, you can see people are in good shape.

There is awareness of a healthy lifestyle, and the city is offering more free outdoor gyms and  recreational and sports facilities for free as well and this is considered as entertainment in Novi Sad.

In recent years, city was working on promoting sports and in various locations you can find a a lot of people who exercise outdoors. There are amateurs, and more professional athletes that help each other and if you need to exercise feel free to join them, you will be warmly accepted.

If you like swimming there are indoor and outdoor pools, a city beach with great choice of sports activities, numerous cafés, and not far from Novi Sad there is a aqua park, which is an ideal place for children to get tired.

If you are a fan of film and theater Novi Sad is a city of culture and you have a bulky repertory in theater and in cinemas across town.

novosadski festivali

If none of what you read is your coup of tea, we can recommend that you enjoy yourself  shopping in one of three large shopping malls or in the most famous shopping streets, such as Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska Street.

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