Jezero Besenovo
Wikimedia: Antidiskriminator

This former mine of marble is owned cement a factory – Lafarge. However, for the last twenty years the mine pit had filled with water, making it one of the favorite destinations to locals, and of Novi Sad natives-Besenovo lake.

People of all ages enjoy this lake. The lake is about 50 meters deep and it seems to have no plans to stop growing as the water level continues to rise. The water in the lake is clear, transparent and a unusual turquoise.

Besenovo lake with its appearance and amazing atmosphere closely resembles the Ledinci lake.
You can approach the water from all sides, but the actual entry into the water is not simple and easy for everyone, so if you are an adventurer and lover of nature this is the right place just for you.
Unfortunately, the environment of the lake is disorganized, full of stones, but for the nature lovers the complete picture of the lake exudes a special hint.

This “accident” lake is the right choice for you and your family if you are looking to have a relaxing day in nature.

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