Fruska Gora, near Novi Sad, has a number of medieval monasteries. One of them is the monastery Beocin. This monastery is home to a widely known icon of the Virgin of Beocin, which is believed to be more than five hundred years old. According to tradition, this icon is miraculous and helps women who cannot give birth.

Manastir Beocin
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At the beginning of the nineteenth century the relics of Saint Stefan the First Crowned were transferred to this monastery.

Another interesting thing about this monastery is that in 1875 the famous Serbian poet Jovan Grcic Milenko passed away there and was buried there as well. The monastery also features relics of the youngest Serbian saint Varnava Nastic.

The first record of the monastery dates from the period between 1566-1567 in which the monastery is mentioned as a nunnery. Today, it is a home to nuns.
This monastery is dedicated to the Ascension of Christ. Even though its exact creation date cannot exactly be determined, it is believed that it was built back in the sixteenth century.
Within the monastery there is a church, built in 1732. Monastic quarters surround the church from the south and west.

In World War II the monastery was devastated, but fortunately not destroyed. In the years after the war a lot of valuable items were returned.


Within the monastery is a large park, which was planted by the French 150 years ago. According to witnesses, a group of gardeners who maintained Versailles Park came and made a small copy of the park, with a fountain and pool. They also planted many species of rare trees and plants.
Beočin Monastery is located on the northern slopes of Fruska Gora and is located less than 20 kilometers from Novi Sad.


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