In Srem, on the right bank of the Danube is the city of Sremski Karlovci.
The small, cozy city near Novi Sad has immeasurable significance to our culture and history.

Sremski Karlovci crkva
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This city is rich with beautiful monasteries of Fruska Gora, resorts and wineries.


From the sixteenth century Karlovci become one of the ecclesiastical seats of the Serbian people.
Metropolitan Pavle Nenadovic, dedicated his efforts in making Karlovac a prosperous place to live in. He renewed schools, opened a print shop, founded the national church fund from which the teachers and priests were financed, and reconstructed the monasteries of Fruska Gora. After his death fund and schools began closing down until the arrival of Metropolitan Stefan Stratimirović.
A horrible fire broke out in 1788 almost causing the whole city to burn down.
Thanks to Stefan Stratimirović, Sremski Karlovci is quickly restored.
At the time of a fire this city was home to some of the wealthiest Serbs, who have invested huge capital in the reconstruction of the city. This capital was perfectly channeled and used for the needs of the people.
One of these projects was the establishment of the Karlovac Gymnasium, the oldest high school in our country. The original high school building was demolished and in 1890 the foundations of today’s high school were set.
Many famous Serbians either attended or taught at this school. Branko Radičević, Jovan Sterija Popovic, Jovan Subotic, ilarion ruvarac, Vasa Stajić, Vida Ognjenovic and many others walk down this school’s halls.
In 1921, the high school becomes a state plot.
The city’s many monuments such as the Patriarchate’s Palace, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the “Four Lions” fountain in the center of Sremski Karlovci, will take you on a trip through time.

cesma cetiri lava Sremski Karlovci
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Sremski Karlovci and wine

This land is extremely suitable for growing grapes, so to promote the wines of the local wineries, the event, titled “The grape harvest festival” or “The grape ball” is organized every year. Within the framework of the event cultural and artistic programs are organized alongside wine tasting and sales. This manifestation has more than 100,000 visitors each year.

Excursion Strazilovo

At only 4 kilometers from Sremski Karlovci, in the green oasis of peace and tranquility is Strazilovo.
Strazilovo is a very popular resort, and is also significant in that it is the tomb of the famous Serbian poet and student of Karlovac gymnasium- Branko Radicevic. Under the slope of the mountain, there is a restaurant with accommodation called “Brankov Cardak”.

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