Vinarije na Fruškoj gori

Wineries have always been the symbol of elegance, a source of health and provocateur passion in people.
Wine is always an essential part of the table, but it also makes a great tasteful gift for any occasion.
The slopes of Fruska Gora are covered with top quality wineries, whose wines we will present to you.
Wine needs 6 different factors in order to achieve a taste to remember and build its character.
These factors are: acidity, maturity of fruit, alcohol, tannin, oak and complexity.
The Irish believe that the wine is a drink of the fairies, visit one of the wineries and see for yourself whether they are right. Maybe this wine will come with a sprinkle of fairy dust!

Wineries in Novi Sad and it`s surroundings:

Winery Alex

vinarija alex

This winery was founded in 1990, but the family legacy in terms of wine production dates back to the 18th century.
Bermet – the authentic wine of this region was world known going back over 150 years.
According to some data, this wine was even located on the wine list of the most famous ship “Titanic”.

Winery Bononia-Sijacki

Vinarija Šijački
Winery Bononia is a family winery, run by the Sijacki family.
The wine cellar of the winery organizes wine tastings along the banks of the Danube, on the terrace with a beautiful view of the river, with homemade bread and cheese.

Winery Mackov Podrum

Vinarija Mačkov podrum

With the tradition and knowledge of the production that was collected over generations, this winery quickly gained an enviable reputation in making “wines with soul”.
The first recognition of the quality of the produced wine arrived very quickly for young red, and especially for young white wines, which are produced from grapes purchased in the vicinity of Kragujevac and Macedonia.

Winery Salaxia

Vinarija Salaxia

Next to the beautiful monastery Rakovac, in the Old Rakovac, stands this modern family winery.
From the winery Salaxia come quality wines, young and aged.
First of all these are young white wines, but also red and pink.

Winery Kovacevic

Kovacevic vinarija
This winery has an over a century long tradition of grape growing and winemaking. Kovacevic Winery is a family winery.
The combination of tradition and modern ways of producing wine makes this winery at the very top among wine producers.
The combination of tradition and modern ways of producing wine makes this winery at the very top among wine producers.

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