Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture 2021 – on any given day is a cultural capital with much to offer both for its residents as well as visitors.
Even as far back as the Habsburg monarchy in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Novi Sad was a center of culture. This is why it gained its nickname – “Serbian Athens”.

Cultural institutions in Novi Sad are so abundant so in order to see them all you would have to set aside at least a couple of days. Novi Sad has several theaters, and by far the biggest and the oldest Serbian National Theater.

To make things easier on you, we have set aside a few theaters that are not to be missed.

Serbian National Theatere

Srpsko narodno pozoriste novi sad

Serbian National Theater, the oldest professional theater among the South Slavs was established in Novi Sad in 1861. Svetozar Miletic, Stefan Branovački, Jovan Djordjevic and Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj jointly worked on the establishment of this theater.
The first manager was Jovan Djordjevic who also founded the National Theater in Belgrade. Performances at this theatre can be seen play in three different theatres: Large, Small, and Chamber.

Within the theater there is the Opera and Ballet.

scena u srpskom narodnom pozoristu u novom sadu

The Serbian National Theatre is a member of the European Theater Convention and a member of the Association of Theater Without Borders.

It is also initiator of Sterija’s Theater, the Academy of Arts and the Theater Museum of Vojvodina.

The Serbian National Theater is located at Theater Square 1 (Pozorisni Trg 1).
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 Youth Theater

pozoriste mladih novi sad

The Youth Theater was founded in 1931 as a Puppet Theater. Its establishment was quite spontaneous.

Dr. Lazar Dragic brought the first mobile theater scene with 11 dolls to Novi Sad and thus started creating this theater as part of the Sokol Society.
Numerous amateur actors are also credited for its establishment.

In addition to numerous performances in the Serbian language, performances were also given in Hungarian, Slovak, Ruthenian and Albanian.

The theater consists of two stages: the stage for children and the drama stage. The theater has received many awards and recognitions.

The address of the Youth Theater is: Ignjata Pavlasa 4

For more information: pozoristemladih

Novi Sad Theater-Újvidéki Színház Színház

novosadsko pozoriste novi sad

The Novi Sad Theater-Újvidéki Színház started its operation in 1974, with a mission to preserve the identity of Hungarians in Vojvodina.

The first performance given at this theater was called “Cat’s game.”

The repertoire of the theater is consisted of classical performances, musicals, as well as pieces of writers from Vojvodina.
This theater has two halls: a large hall and chamber stage. Performances are played out in the Hungarian language, and have simultaneous translation into Serbian.

The Novi Sad Theater is located at: Jovana Subotica 3-5

For more information: uvszinhaz

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